SEO Return on Investment

Drive Revenue and Profitability with a well executed search engine optimization strategy

Our focus is to deliver and execute a search engine optimization strategy that fits your business' goals and objectives. Ultimately revenue growth, profitability and return on investment are key elements that must be a part of the conversation from the onset of our relationship with you as our client. Our SEO company and team understand this. Your business is our priority and we apply our SEO industry knowledge to grow your business.

We research and find the best keywords that not only drive traffic but will convert into leads or sales. Our team ensures that your rankings are first achieved and then maintained through our proven processes. Our SEO services act quickly to adapt to the continuously changing landscape of the Google and Bing algorithm adjustments. Our top ranking strategy processes are white hat certified and follow the major search engine guidelines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).

What is the process that will deliver results for your business?

Our goal is to grow your business. Our intellectual property that we have developed over the years is the key factor that will successfully drive your business growth.

  • A Consultation Session: We will discuss your business in depth. It is critical that your business needs are aligned with our search engine optimization strategy. Our experienced team will guide you along the way. We will discuss your objectives, return on investment needs, and the process to deliver results.
  • Website Analysis: Our first step will be to analyze your website to determine its strength and compliance with search engine quality and content guidelines. Our team will address any issues that may impact a successful SEO strategy and create a plan to make adjustments that will ensure your website can deliver results.
  • Keyword Research and Analysis: Our analysts will perform one of the most important steps; keyword research. This analysis will take your business needs and objectives into account and determine which keywords can deliver the business growth and return on investment that we are looking for. Traffic is important, but sales or lead conversions have to be considered, as well as your industry and your online competition. Our final selection will have considered all these variables to ensure that once we achieve top rankings we also deliver a return on investment.
  • Content Creation and Onsite Optimization: Once we have agreed upon the keyword terms to target our team will adjust your onsite optimization including your meta data to match our offsite effort. Our copy writers will make adjustments to content and create additional unique content where needed. We may create press releases, articles and videos.
  • Site Maps Creation: Sitemaps are useful to search engines as a guide to your website. Sitemaps allow the search engines to crawl your website more efficiently. Once we optimize your website our analysts will create an updated site map and inform the search engines of any changes to your site structure. Sitemap creation can have a positive impact on your SEO campaign.
  • Search Engine Submission: We will ensure that your website is submitted to the major search engines.
  • Monthly Project Reports: Our monthly reports will track the progress your website is making. We will be tracking the rankings of the keywords that we are targeting.
  • Analytics: Our analysts monitor the analytics of each campaign to ensure that the search engine optimization strategy that we are executing is actually delivering the results that we were expecting. The data is analyzed and strategy adjustments are made to ensure the campaign stays on track and delivers the growth and return on investment that we are looking for. We are passionate about delivering results to our clients and are happy to discuss performance and opportunities for improvement. Your success is our success.

What other SEO services do we offer?


Who is the ideal candidate for Vayu Media's Recovery SEO services?

  • Your website used to rank well and suddenly it has experienced significant drops.
  • Your business has been working on an organic search engine optimization strategy without gaining the right traction.


There are several factors that could be impacting your website:

  • Algorithms are updated constantly by search engines, if you don't adapt, your rankings may be impacted.
  • What used to be acceptable to search engines may no longer be.
  • Your link sources may be negatively impacting your website.
  • Linking is a part of SEO, bad linking should not be.
  • Google may have penalized your website.

Vayu Media's search engine analysts utilize the latest tools and techniques to diagnose the root causes of your websites ranking issues. These root causes can be addressed and your website can return to the rankings it used to enjoy. Each website may experience a unique ranking problem and in this situation a customized approach is necessary. Contact us to discuss the next steps.