Infographic "The SEO PUZZLE" in 2012

SEO is a large and dynamic puzzle. No one piece alone will achieve and sustain long term rankings. Some pieces are larger, some are smaller, but they are all imperative to a successful strategy. To have a successful SEO strategy, you will need to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

On Page Factors

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On Page Content

  • Quality Content: The key to a successful website is unique and relevant content
  • Keyword Research: Analyze and choose the appropriate keywords for your site.
  • Keyword Usage: Do your website pages use the words & phrases you want to be found for?
  • Keyword Density: Proper saturation of keywords being optimized for
  • Engagement: Site Analytics- CTR, Bounce Rate, Time on Page, Time on Site, Total Pages Visited
  • Freshness of Content- Revise and Refresh content often

Is Your Site Easy for the Search Engines to Read?

  • Crawlability
  • URL Structure
  • Meta Tags: use the proper description for all pages
  • Title Tags: use a unique and relevant title for each page
  • H1: use relevant and structured headings throughout the website
  • IMG: make use of alt description tags for images
  • SITE MAP: Keep a xml copy of your site map on your server and submit it search engine.(google, bing,yahoo)

Website Architecture

Google does not rank websites, they rank pages.

  • Each Category and product should have its own page
  • Consider the site hierarchy
  • Use Breadcrumb links
  • Title Tags: use a unique and relevant title for each page
  • Website Speed

Off Page Factors

Content, Content, Content


  • Link Relevancy: Create high quality back links directing to your website
  • Anchor Text Links : Do links pointing to your pages use the appropriate keywords?
  • Link Quantity : The more high quality & relevant links pointing to your site the better
  • Link Quality: Link from only high quality relevant websites
  • Anchor Text Links
  • Press Releases
  • Optimized Videos
  • Articles
  • Social Posts
  • Photos
  • Blog Posts
  • Forum Comments
  • Online Directories
  • Consumer Reviews

Social Factors

  • Social Sentiment
  • Facebook Likes: Bing uses Facebook likes as a ranking signal for logged in users
  • Facebook Shares- How often are your posts shared?
  • Google+ Plus 1's : Google says it is working on using +1's as ranking signals
  • Twitter Followers : Tweets help Google index content faster
  • Twitter ReTweets – How often are your posts retweeted?
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIN
  • Pinterest
  • Social Authority- What is your social authority on the web
  • Social Authority of your fans/ friends/ followers/ connections
  • Blog regularly: Include unique and relevant content
  • Social Forums: Engage in relevant social forums
  • Online Directories: Complete profile on online directory sites
  • RSS Feeds

Reputation Management

  • Website Reputation: What other are saying about your business
  • Review Sites: Google Reviews, City Search, Yelp
  • Trust : Trust from users and search engines is imperative for long term-success
  • Domain Age- How long has your site been online?
  • Domain Authority: Strength of your website
  • Page Authority: Strength of your internal pages

Personal Preference

  • Location of searcher
  • Personal settings of searcher
  • Search History of searcher
  • Page Authority: Strength of your internal pages

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