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Mobile Solutions to Support Every Need

Vayu Media clients have a unique advantage over the competition with the ability to leverage over 24 unique mobile technologies, that, when combined, serve three major purposes: Better engage with your target audience(s), spur them to action, and analyze all aspects of execution for winning strategies. Our clients enjoy all the basic functionality you might expect from a mobile platform such as: Mobile Apps, SMS/MMS Texting, QR Code integration, and Mobile Ads… as well as more progressive technologies such as Augmented Reality, Sniffing, 3D/Holography, Facial Recognition, and IntelaKinetic motion display.

Mobile Solutions to Support Every Need

Using technology to attach to every touch-point including website, blog, social media sites as well as TV, radio, direct mail, and in-person events… we will help you build an opt-in database in a way that is seamless and non-invasive. All customers will have the ability to choose what information they receive and through which mediums, making for a better customer experience and action-oriented results.

Strategy and Execution

As the opt-in database is constantly expanding and being appended, our team is happy to assist in execution of out-bound campaigns including but not limited to:

  • Text to Vote or Text to Win
  • Market Research / Voting / Polling
  • Mobile Coupons / Offers / VIP Promotions
  • Geo-Location / Geo-Fencing
  • Interactive Games or Instant Win Contests
  • Video Texting
  • LIVE Streaming of Events or Interviews
  • Mobile / Social Integrated Campaigns or Contests
  • Translation into 200 Languages and Dialects
    and so much more...

Custom Mobile Solutions

For ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas or unique campaigns, Vayu Media can bring you custom mobile engagement solutions consisting of the most effective combination of technologies matched with a decade of experience in helping clients to increase awareness, action, retention, and relationships with their customers, coupled with comprehensive, real-time tracking and analytics that provide insightful visibility across all marketing efforts, both traditional and digital.

Our mobile technologies offer the unique ability to leverage over 24 unique mobile technologies that better engage with your target audience, spur them to action, and analyze all aspects of execution for successful strategies.